RMT, Childbirth Educator, Infant Massage Instructor



Victoria is a Registered Massage Therapist and completed her education through Fanshawe College’s advanced diploma program. Victoria has taken additional training in Childbirth Education and Infant Instructing. Victoria immediately took an interest in pregnancy and postpartum massage and has experience working alongside other perinatal care practitioners. She has multiple systems for pregnant clients to lay comfortably including the beloved pregnancy pillow allowing pregnant people to lay supported and safely face down, as well as a cozy body pillow for those preferring a side position.


Victoria also works closely with referrals from The London Tongue and Lip Tie Center to prepare and rehab babies with tongue and lip tie revisions. Infant and paediatric massage has many other wonderful benefits such as promoting relaxation, working through growing pains, and helping your little one learn to take care of themselves. She is happy to chat further details with you if you would like to know more information for your little one. 


She looks forward to seeing your bright, shining faces! 

Note: Victoria is currently accepting new clients by referral only, if you're a returning client please give the clinic a call or e-mail Victoria directly at!

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