Built on a strong foundation of trust and compassion, we work together to identify your triggers, look at your current coping strategies, uncover new ones and pave the way for you to live more in the present moment, and less in the triggered past. Shannon has a particular interest in working with those who have experienced trauma, helping clients develop calm place imagery and neutralizing their memories of trauma. Counselling sessions are intuitively led and may contain a combination of modalities like breath work, writing, art, visualization, meditation and other theories. They are not based on or offered as psychotherapy.



After a gentle and compassionate meditation, Shannon leads you through a variety of writing practices to help you identify triggers and neutralize trauma. As a writer who transformed her own trauma into a beautiful collection of poetry, Shannon knows first hand how impactful written word can be. Whether you pull yours together into a story, light them on fire, submerge them in water, writing down our emotions allows us to let them go.


Sessions are 50 minutes in length.

This includes a notebook, pen, guided meditation, therapeutic writing exercise and a follow-up.


Using traditional breath work and modern mindfulness, guided meditation is an effective coping strategy to help ease the impact of anxiety and depression. Sessions are approximately 50 minutes in length, allowing for time before and after your meditation to debrief and discuss what is happening for you.


This includes a private meditation session, a follow-up and a 30 day meditation planner.



The use of art as a healing modality is something incredible to experience. With Shannon’s guidance, you will have access to all of the materials you need to pour your heart and soul out onto canvas or into clay. This is about raw emotion, and giving yourself permission to feel however it is that you’re feeling in this moment.


Sessions are 50 minutes in length.

This includes supplies, guided meditation, therapeutic art exploration and a follow-up.

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